Stable 9.5.4 apps in background and Google Assistant default


Apr 18, 2016
I was superfine with my v8.5.1.0 and everything working great, but decided that for the sake of the seurity updates it would be good to go to the latest version.

Since my update to 9.5.4 I have seen my battery lasting less but most importantly I see notifications from many apps running in the background. I go on and close the apps through the menu of freeing up the RAM (bottom left and then clear) but apparently they keep on running. I tried going to permissions and disabling both Autostart and start in background permissions, but they are still opening and running. It's not only one, they are a lot of them.

Do you have any solution for this? Is there gonna be a fix for this in the next version?

A 2nd point that I wanted to mention is the presence of the google assistant, installed by default in this version. Is this normal? I thought was stripping the original rom from all that was not necessary.

Nevertheless, cheers for the effort