Stable Rom Eu Different Modem Version To Global Rom, Why?

Jan 14, 2016
why reason the 7.1.3 Stable EU ROM has a lower version of modem "24P50 " to the Global 7.1.3 and 7.1.2 ?

7.1.3 EU = 24P50

7.1.2 Global = 24P51
7.1.3 Global = 24P51
Hey Clydde....
Super great find...lets see what we can get out of this...hope someone is coming up with a clever answer to you findings...GREAT
I just tested my new car-set...a trip for about one hour...bluetooth lost connection and repaired 7 times.... I really hope this is the "find" that can solve this problem...
Sep 19, 2015
Hey David, i solved my bluetooth problems only when i flashed with full wipes or factory reset on my RN2 instead of wipe Dalvik/cash.

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