Stop chrome open links in app


Jun 13, 2022
I just receive a new Mi 10 lite and I try to set it up.
Mi 10 runs on V13.0.2.0 TW global ROM with android 12
Chrome opens links at APP if the app is installed but this bothers me. Is there a way to open links (youtube Reddit etc) at a new tab and not open the app ?
I try also the Brave browser with the same results, the only difference is at Brave if I do not sign in to my google account youtube videos open in a new tab and at Chrome even I try to visit always opens the app.

I try many things but without results like Better Open With app or change many settings at Settings > App> Default app, the popup to choose the default app never appears and nothing changes.

From google research, I see this is a problem with how android 12 handles the links.

Thanks in advance

My current device with android 10 and miui 12,5 works like I want.