Stopped Weekly updates.....

Jan 23, 2013
Hi There:

Hear my story.

I used to update my Proud MI2 every friday, few weeks back, after the update the clock went to Europe time (i live in Australia) on my alarms and did not notice it. This happened on Sunday evening. Well, as you guess, Monday morning the alarm did not go off, and it became hell on monday morning missed the train, late to work everything happened - which should NOT happen on mondays. Just forgiven the weekly update and moved on.

I did update the next week after this incident - fortunately I checked it the clock / alarm moved to Europe time. I decided NOT to update any more.

Well, on my analysis, after Xiaomi moved to release the new products like MI3, RedMi etc., most of the weekly updates are only improving or fixing the errors in those products and nothing happening to MI2. Hence I thought I would stop updating. So, I stopped.

Having said that I am proud owner /user of MI2 - no complaints enjoying. It is going to be 2 years since I started using Mi2!! Might think of going for Mi4 - in 2015? Will watch and decide. I am not the person who keeps changing the phone in every 6 or 9 months or for the sake of new product. Can't afford - poor family man I am. So, being happy with what I have...

I am sure there will be guys like me? Tell me your stories...

Happy to listen...

Feb 20, 2013
I agree, although I do update (I use wiui 4.1)i see that fixes are all mi3 mi4 and wonder what exactly the benefit is to my mi2.
Wonder when the last proper mi2 update was...