Stucks on fastboot (even if I reboot)

Mar 6, 2019

Yesterday, doing noting special, I took my phone from my pocket and saw it was stucked on "fastboot".

Ok, no problem, I made a hard reset (power button 20s-30s): it reboots and immediately the screen fastboot appears.

I tried a fastboot reboot from my PC: idem: it reboots and immediately shows "Fastboot".

I tried vol UP + power button: a menu shows me just 2 options: wipe cache or reboot. I tried wipe cache: nothing better. I reboot in fastboot mode. It's weird because I had TWRP menu before (I rooted it a few months ago).

In summary, I cannot leave from the Fastboot screen. Whatever I do, I always come back to "fastboot" menu.

Could you help me please?
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