Sudden Problems: No phone signal or very low, several settings missing[, Miui 10]


May 24, 2018
Hi everybody, since around two days I am having more and more problems with my phone, which I until now did not have any issues with whatsoever.

Firstly it stated by the phone just turing off again some time after starting. Now this problem disappeard but others appeard.

I noticed the fingerprint sensor to unlock the screen did not function anymore. So I went to the settings to re-apply it. There I noticed there is no option for this fingerprint unlock anymore all of a sudden. Also, I almost don't get any signal anymore with my phone. Sometimes, I get very little signal, but mostly not at all, so far I had no problems. I don't think it's the providers problem since other phones of people living here work. Also, the option of choosing network type (2g, 3g, 4g) disappeard. I can only choose eachh of them individually. And lastly, the phone lost the ability to restart. When restarting, it just remains swiched off and requires manual switching on.

My main problem obviously is the non-existiting signal.

I would be really glad about help - thanks already in advance.
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