Suggestions and Issues

Aug 16, 2014
First, I would like to thank the team hear for their great work. I have been using the Miui official builds for both Nexus 5 and Note 3 and very recently discovered this site. Great job for the languages add and many many other needed changes to the official versions. I have some suggestions that in my opinion would make your ROM rock solid:

1. Odex version of the ROMs. I am not sure how hard is it to Odex the ROM. Currently your ROM is deodex and it does make a difference in RAM, performance and battery consumption.
2. Some of the latest versions of the ROM, there are excessive heat issues and batter drain. This is not your problem, it is also present in the official miui. I think it started at 4.8.8 and absolutely it is in 4.8.15.
3. I also noticed that the video app is now starting in the background like a service - could the cause of the heating and the battery drain. It was not the case in the earlier versions.

Again, great job. The 2 and 3 items are problems with the original ROM but I thought I would mention them here since Miui developers do not really care to fix anything.

As for item 1, I hope you would consider.