super slow stream

Sep 28, 2013
hi guys,

just got this awesome device but somehow the streaming is awfully slow. it is almost impossible to watch any shows with no lag. I am running a 100mpbs optic fibre connection and cabled to the mibox.

Is there any settings that allows the streaming speed to be faster?
Apr 22, 2013
well what do you expect the servers are in china o_O
my speed never max over 250kb/s with the speed test

im not sure if its the latest firmware update or the latest root but something broke my connection to CDN19, i could not play anything

reverted back to the old firmware 1.3.9 and CDN19 is working again
has nothing to do with the server problems yesterday, im not sure but i think its the new root tool mygun, which breaks something
Jan 13, 2018
I have same problem to, when I go through menus on kodi it takes ages to load till next menus with the circle spinning in the middle of screen,some times 10 seconds especially when I want to go back to list of channels after watching a tv stream.surely this is not normal, is there nothing you can do?