Switch phone, how to transfer everything?


Nov 2, 2021

I currently use a Redmi 9T as my primary phone, but want to use my Mi 10T Pro, i tried to transfer the data using Mi Mover, but alot of apps didn transfer, and most of the apps i have to setup from the start again. Is there an app which works on both phones, where I can transfer all settings and apps, so i dont need to setup every single app again ? - I know security apps, like bank apps etc, i might need to start all over, but apps like netflix and Ikea Wireless, should be possible to transfer ?


Oct 6, 2016
This is only possible with rooted phones using apps like Titanium Backup, Swift Backup etc. If both phones are using xiaomi.eu rom, the phone is already unlocked, so you can root them without losing data (can unroot later if you don't care for it), backup all your apps, restore on the new device, done. Don't do this with banking, dating apps, online games and similar as it will trigger their security and log you out or ban you.