Synchronisation files being deleted and replaced


Mar 25, 2013
I (try to!) use MyPhoneExplorer to synchronise between MS Outlook and my Mi 10 5G.

I created a 'local' file for my contacts, and a 'calendar_displayname_local' for my calendar. This seemed to work well - everything was being recognised properly, for instance by the system, with synching and updating correctly.

In order to view my pictures, I logged into my Mi account, because the pictures were not displaying properly with the system/Outlook. When going back to MyPhoneExplorer to do another synch, I found that my 'local' file had been deleted and replaced by 'Phone' (for contacts) and was not synching. The 'calendar_displayname_local' had likewise been deleted and replaced with 'calendar_displayname_xiaomi', had a different colour, and was not being recognised by the system.

Phone (contacts) is now linked with Mi Account and not being recognised by MyPhoneExplorer, and the entries in 'calendar_displayname_xiaomi' are not being recognised by the system, so I cannot now use the calendar data in my widget.

Any suggestions as to how I can allow my data to be correctly synchronised with Outlook? I shall try logging out of Mi account again and setting up the files, and make sure that I do not have to re-activate the Mi account. However, this is not a very satisfactory solution.