New T9 for contacts in dialer with national signs

Aug 3, 2012

First of all thank you for MIUI, I'm using it for few months now and it's great, way better then stock Samsung TouchWiz.

I have small request/question about finding contacts (by T9) in dialer. Is it possible to implement in this functionality "awereness" of other national signs (diacritics), not only A-Z letters?

For example in polish language there are 9 extra signs. And I have contact "Żona", which means "wife". First letter is not in english alphabet, but in every polish T9 it's placed below number 9, next to "WXYZ".

All those extra signs can be "cleaned out" to english letters "Ż" to "Z", "Ą" to "A", etc. And the same in other european languages - french, german, czech, etc.

So, I think, the easiest way would be, for each contact to keep somewhere (hidden) it's name, but with all non-standard signs "translated" to plain A-Z. So for my "Żona" it would be "Zona". Therefore I would be able to select that contact by dialing 9 - 6 - 6 - 2. For now I have to use recent calls list to find her.

Please think about it, I'm guessing each translator can provide you with simple translation map for those diacriticts to A-Z.

Thanks in advance :)
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