Tapping payment terminal in stores don't trigger Google Pay


Oct 3, 2018
Google Pay was launched in Norway a few days ago, and ofc I had to try it right away. Everything set up without problems, and I added (and confirmed) my card. However; when tapping the payment terminal nothing happened. I know for sure the terminal supports NFC, because I ended up paying by tapping the actual card to the terminal.

The default setting on my Mi 8 had NFC security element set to "SIM Wallet", and the Google Pay app had "ask every time" permissions to NFC.

When I changed it to "HCE Wallet" and gave the Google Pay app permanent access to NFC it worked!
I'm not sure I needed to change permissions, but I don't plan on trying it out since it works fine now :)

Hope this can save someone from an hour of googling :)