The best eu rom for redmi k20


Mar 9, 2020
Miui 12 eu beta roms have been released. But until now this is the best rom for me. You can see the rom details in picture1. If you wanna know why, i am explaining,

1. First of all after android 10 there has been a bug that you can not upload long videos on instagram story. Also they can not be sent as mesaage to anyone.
2. As you can see in 2nd picture, quick replies can not be used efficiently on miui 12. It is getting narrow and dissappearing. But it is faultless on miui 11 in pic3.
3. Notification icons on top left of status bar can not fill all status bar line on miui 12.(pic4) this is also not happening on miui 11 because it is already fixed during miui 11.

These bugs are very disturbing for me. So if you wanna add more please comment on this topic.

These are all my experiences. Maybe they are not bothering you.

Ps: i know everything is getting better day by day on miui12. But these important bugs can not be ignored.

See ya.

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