The keyboard does not work and change the language

Apr 17, 2014
Hello to all!
Today I received my Xiaomi MI3 and I already have 2 complicated situations.
1st, I want to add data to create an entry in the Google store, I see that the virtual keyboard does not work (not visible) or not active.
2nd, I went to the settings to see if I saw some off point, and distraction I broke the system by changing into Chinese ( I do not understand Chinese, sorry ;) ) and is now much worse. My MI3 only has English and Chinese languages installed, which I think is nonsense.
Well, my request for help is wondering if anyone can help me how to solve these problems.Please!
I hope you understand me.
Thank you very much.
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Mar 24, 2012
I think I ran into this issue. Just go into your language and input settings and make sure everything is checked.

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