The Last Ever Stable Roms For Leo And Virgo -


Nov 21, 2015
Despite of the fact that both LEO and VIRGO are no longer supported since Nov 2017, Xiaomi released the last stable Chinese ROM for them -
I've been using my LEO with ROMs for almost 2.5 years so far.
I would like to ask team, please @ingbrzy , do us a favor for the last time - release ROMs for both LEO and VIRGO.
Thank you in advance.


Apr 11, 2016
leaves a bittersweet taste that after two years with good ROMs stop giving support to this mobile in my case (mi note pro) and that the last rom they publish is a ROM full of failures, which drains the battery like a vampire. This great mobile deserves at least one last rom so that of its last sigh fighting.

Thanks yo the team of for all the work and please a last good ROM for this device


Nov 21, 2015
I agree that the last released weekly rom for MiNote Pro contained many bugs. The worst one for me is that sometimes the phone get's stuck in "3G" mode showing internet is available but in fact it isn't.

@ingbrzy I would really appreciate it if you could tell us if you are going to release the stable version of MIUI 9.2 for MiNotePro as you wrote here - or if this was cancelled for any reason.

Refer to [ROM] MIUI 9 China Stable V9.2.3.0.NXHCNEK For Mi Note Pro(Leo) Released! Update Now! on Jan-17-2018
or [ROM] MIUI9 Collection For Minote and Minote Pro Beta/Dev/Stable
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Jan 27, 2015
30 has a stable release of 8.3.29 for the Note Pro (leo) based on the official MIUI for the Mi 4C (which is still supported):

Note: I didn't test this. According to the description, your bootloader has to be already unlocked. Edit: Actually, a comment says someone is succesfully using it with the 6.1.7 (last unlocked) bootloader as well.
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