Trouble Flashing Redmi 3 With Miflash, Stuck On "send Hello Response"

Apr 26, 2016

so I've just got my Redmi 3 and wanted to install Xiaomi.eu_Redmi3_V7.1.3.0.LHPCNCK_5.1 on a blocked bootloader (just asked for the unlock today, so I'll have to wait 2 weeks).

I have Windows 7 @ 64-bit

I installed MiFlash 2015.10.28.0 with all the drivers.

My phone boots normally to the ROM I've had with the phone when I received it.

Once phone turned on, device manager shows:
Android Phone->Xiaomi Composite MDB Interface
Mobile devices->Redmi 3

Once phone in the Download mode, device manager shows:
Ports(COM & LPT)->Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008

I start MiFlash, browse the folder Xiaomi.eu_Redmi3_V7.1.3.0.LHPCNCK_5.1 that is on c:\ so it is:
Select Flash all
Go into download mode on the phone, connect the phone to PC
Refresh in MiFlash, select the COM10 device which is my connected Redmi 3
Click Flash
Then it is forever stuck on "Send hello response" I tried for few hours but nothing changed, I have to reboot the phone and I can try again, already did this like 50-100 times so I guess it won't work :/

I went to a friend with Windows 7 @ 64-bit as well, tried to do that and we had an other error:
the requested resource is in use.(0x80070aa: open serial port :\\:\COM3) or something like that

Is there anything else I can try :( ?
Anyone knows how to help me?
Apr 26, 2016
I am flashing the rom on blocked bootloader using download mode, anyway yes I enabled it and still on success always stuck on "Send hello response"


DHD Forum Moderator
May 11, 2011
Start the windows in Disabled Driver Signature Mode.. And second, use the back usb socket if you are on PC, not the front..