[tutorial] Search Bar Fix After Gapps Installation.

Jan 25, 2016
Some of you might have spotted that after flashing Open GApps to latte tablet, Search bar in the notification shade does not work.
I've made a small investigation and I found a solution to fix it.

1. Download desired Open GApps Pico version from http://opengapps.org/. It must be x86_64, pico.
2. Open it with any zip explorer you use.
3. Edit the installer.sh script. You need to remove two lines from the variable other_list. Those two, which contains QuickSearch* word.
Line 484:
Line 491:

4. Save the updated script and the zip file itself. It's important to do it the zip file, not unzipping it and then zipping again.
5. Flash it via TWRP.
6. Done.

If you already have full system installed with GApps, you can also fix it. You need to flash the xiaomi.eu rom without any wipes and then flash GApps.

If you're too lazy to edit your copy of GApps, I've created one and you can download the edited file here:
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