Two Problems And One Question With Mi4c

Oct 28, 2015

the Mi4C is my first xiaomi-Phone and so this is my first post here! I hope these problems are only "beginner" problems ;-) My installed ROM-Version is 5.10.22. Baseband BO.2.6.c1-1021_1918_1c50580.

First Problem:
The phone is connected to my bluetooth radio and i cannot call any number (i see for a short time the call dialog and then it goes back to the caller list). After this, i don't see the call in the caller list.
I have to disconnect bluetooth, call the person and turn bluetooth on. This is the only way to call numbers with my car-radio. Other phones like LG G2, Sony e4g, Galaxy Nexus, Blackberrys and so on work fine with my radio, so i think Miui is the problem.

Second Problem:
SIP-apps like csipsimple make problems. I want to use the phone integration, but the result is, i cannot call anyone. It looks like the first problem, the phone dialog opens for a very short time, immediately stops and goes back to the caller list. With deinstallation of the SIP-app everything works fine. Also the SIP-Integration of Miui doesn't work, i cannot configure any SIP-account.

My question:
The recent apps view is in my point of view simple and not as good as it could be. I used SlimROM on my LG G2, there is a really nice recent apps integration, small, fast and one of the best i ever had. You can see it on this page:
Are there mods for Miui or do you know apps for a better user experience for Miui and especially for recent apps?

Thank you for all your help.
May 14, 2013
1# I don't have that issue. Maybe after an update you'll be OK, or reset? Sry.
#2, no idea.
#3 most people on here love miui as I do. Admittedly the recent apps isn't the best so unlikley to find anything here like that. I find its good enough.