Twrp Error Code 7


May 20, 2016
Hello there! I am more than a newbie here and desperately need for your expertise..

I own a MI4 (3Gb - 3G model) and experience the following error.

I installed TWRP 3.0.2-0 via fastboot & abd,

copied roms (both dev and stables)

wiped Dalvik, cache, system

tried to install the zip and get:
failed to extract dir from "system" to "/system"
Updater process ended with ERROR: 7
Error installing zip file '/sdcard/path.../

updating partition details...

I already checked /unchecked mount as read only the system, but no luck.

Now my phone only boots into fastboot or twrp, no other options..

Could you please assist?

Thanks in advance,


Apr 16, 2016
What version was your stock rom? If you was on a kitkat rom, you have to merge your system partitions first to upgrade to an marshmallow rom..

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May 20, 2016
Dear MdKeil you have a point, indeed it was 4.4. I am looking now how to merge. I guess this is not done simple from twrp right?

I am also downloading the miui fastboot file to follow below directions found here...

downloaded MIUI5.9.2 fastboot package from official site
- once downloaded, I extracted it within my PC running windows 10
- flashed it via MiFlash, selecting "flash_all.bat" from advanced properties
- when flashing finished, phone rebooted [in about 10 minutes] and I have checked into settings that my device has now merged partitions layout
- powered off the phone and started again in fastboot mode
- downloaded m1cha's script "" from XDA, and extracted it
- navigated into "aries_core_unified_single\images" folder and grabbed "recovery.img" file, then moved into my adb-tools folder
- flashed it via fastboot with these commands:
fastboot oem unlock
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
- removed battery and made a brutal shutdown
- started TWRP with classic combo [power + volume up]
- wiped everything and moved CM12.1 ROM file to my phone
- flashed it via TWRP and started phone
- job done

Am I doing well? Should I follow everything above?



Feb 21, 2016
no no no aries is not mi4
mi4 is cancro.
aries is mi2 if i'm not mistaken.

All u need to do is follow those steps but dowload the muiu 7 MM from the official site.
it will automatically merge the sistem partitions.

after that u may dowload the multi rom from here, with will automatically install the twrp for mi4.