TWRP: Internal storage -> invalid partition selection

Stijn Klaassen

Dec 18, 2016
Hello all,

When updating Stable ROM 12 on my Poco F2 Pro with the suggested update through the updater I got into troubles. Keeps booting to TWRP, I think this might be because I had my PIN code still on and that gives nasty results on updates. However, formatting, wiping, trying different trwp-versions, all I get is getting stuk in Redmi logo (when I usd vmeta) and POCO logo on startup (waiting for half an hour often). I think I might still have issues with the encryption. In TWRP I don't see 'storage' in the partitions to mount. When trying to 'repair or change file system' of Internal Storage I get the message:

'Invalid Partition selection

Am I looking in the wrong direction and should storage not be in the list of partitions to mount. Is the error message 'Invalid Partition Selection' normal? Tried btw to install the stable rom again, the weekly and the official global rom. Flashing in TWRP works fine, but after wiping dalvik and rebooting I don't get futher than the display of the logo....

Any help appreciated. Really feel terrible that by wiping and formatting everything I still don't get it to work...