TWRP on POCO F3 after formating DATA now Internal Storage shows empty and can't transfer the ROM


Jan 12, 2020
Hello. So i followed the guide to install Xiaomi.EU rom on POCO F3.
Steps taken:

1) Unlock the bootloader after 168 hours
2) Device is reset to factory after the unlock and i continue setup and don't SET ANY PASSWORD until main screen to activate developer tools and USB debugging again
3) I transfer TWRP and reboot to Fastboot mode
4) Using the console i install TWRP and boot into TWRP and install TWRP to ramdisk. So far internal storage is accessible on the PC
5) Then i go to Wipe->Format Data->Yes
6) Now Internal storage on the PC shows as empty (no size is shown), even after a reboot to TWRP and i've checked DATA folder shows as mounted.

I saw a guy on YT that used OTG adapter to copy the ROM into a USB drive then mount it on the phone and install it from there. However i don't have such an adapter.

What can i do?

Kind regards


Jan 12, 2020
Why didn't you use the instructions from this forum? Your procedure is bad.

Reboot the phone into the system

The instructions are:

ROMs for devices with locked bootloader:
  • Unlock your first bootloader here
  • Install TWRP via Fastboot mode, then install our ROM
  • Code:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
    fastboot boot twrp.img
  • TWRP Recovery TWRP or TWRP.ME
  • FORMAT /data partition (NEVER wipe System or Persist!)
  • Copy our ROM to the internal storage
  • Install our ROM
  • Reboot
  • done

I did as far as:
  • FORMAT /data partition (NEVER wipe System or Persist!)
But PC shows internal storage as empty/unknown/no size?

What mistake i made?