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Twrp Touchscreen Not Working

Discussion in 'Xiaomi MiMix' started by Lotem, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Lotem

    Lotem Members

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    Hello I just installed the latest rom for my xiaomi mi mix, and when I try to enter the twrp recovery mode the touchscreen won't respond.
  2. Wilderone

    Wilderone Members

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    Have a search around here on the forums for the other version of TWRP.

    There's one that works for official ROM's & one that works after you've flashed an unofficial.

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  3. RobDie

    RobDie Members

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    have the same issue. For me it worked to "Lock" the screen by pressing power button than Touch worked for me strangly :)
  4. Nikos111

    Nikos111 Members

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    Flash Smarty's TWRP (or MrRaines' TWRP)

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  5. esyesy

    esyesy Members

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    TWRP Mi MIX by MrRaines_and Unlock Bootloader PACK.zip
  6. Lotem

    Lotem Members

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    10x works fine

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