Ugly Icon Background

Trou Macacq

Dec 4, 2017

I believe topics like current appear on the forum once every week. I searched. I have tried to apply to my situation, and something is not working out...

I recently switched from old Mi4 to new Node 4x, everything is perfect, except some icons that were not re-worked by team, started to look ugly. OK, before on Mi4 they were not the best since they are not following MIUI style, but using same theme on Note 4x made them even more ugly.

If before they were drawn on white background, right now background for some reason changed to dark blue. And it's not as universal as white actually.

Please take a look at my screenshot. The issue is for Google Duo app, for example, as well as PostNord.

Do you know when and why this change happened? I have even rooted my device to edit system files manually if needed. But so far everyone is recommending just overwrite standard icons pack with theirs. And attaching icons from MIUI 7, 8, while I have MIUI 9.

My question is, is it possible to modify the theme in the way that background colour would be replaced with another one?

Why Mi4 and Note 4x have different Default themes?

P.S. I can change to a different theme of course and try to work around the issue, but in this case, I will sacrifice icon animations, which are just awesome in Default one.

I would appreciate your help. Many thanks in advance!