Unable to charge when battery is empty

May 9, 2014

Since this week i have a Mi2s (multilang rom 4.4.25) and now at my work my battery is empty. I have a usb -> micro-usb cable to charge. But when i plug it in, it starts to charge and also immediately turns on the screen to show the charging indication. Since the battery is completely empty, the phone stops charging and turns off. After a few seconds it starts charging again en turns on the screen. Again the phone gets turned off because the battery is too low. This seems like an infinite loop and does not charge my phone at all.

Is this is bug of this rom, or is something wrong with my battery? How to solve this?


Nov 23, 2012
Don't charge on the PC, some say it messes up the battery and it is really slow. If the red light blinks It is normal that the phone won't start give it a few minutes to store some power.

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Apr 15, 2014
I have also been having this problem. Initially I could use the trick of removing the battery and plugging it back after turning on the phone, but now it's not working either. It will go as far as the second boot screen (with the "Qualcomm Snapdragon" logo at the bottom) but then it will turn off again and the red LED will start blinking at a fast pace again.

I have tried to leave the phone charging (red LED with slow blinking) for quite a while but it seems it's not charging at all.

Has anyone managed to solve this? I'm in quite big trouble if I can't solve this and there is no place nearby to buy a new battery!