Unable To Install Twrp

Feb 5, 2016
Hy, guy's and lady's

I'm having a big, and dumb, issue on my hands.
The story begins with buying a Xiaomi RM3, when it arrived it had a custom rom on it (it had playstore and a ton of Chinese apps)
After waiting 12 days for my unlock permission and trying for 2 hours to install developer version (due to the rom installed i had to install developer via spflash).
I tried to install TWRP, it all seamed Ok but I'm unable to access TWRP , here is a img with confirmation the installation was successful :

Here is how the screen looks when accessing recovery (not my picture but)

Things I've tried so far :
- I tried 2 TWRP images
- check if bootloader is unlocked (running miflash_unlock i get the message it's already unlocked)


if you need a help with update and twrp --> go to YouTube and Search Bartech (my channel) with "Welcome to Bartech channel" and watch the last video.


The solution is to flash via SpFlash the ROM from xiaomi.EU and search redmi note 3 flashtool. There are ROMs flashable with spflash tool with custom recovery.
Or you can download flashify and flash recovery from your phone but you need the root permissions.

I hope that's can help you out.


You cans also flash only twrp with spflash tool ( uncheck all but nor recovery )
Jan 31, 2016
I also had some problems flashing TWRP.
The flashing always seemed to work, but when I entered recovery, I was met with the black screen with a phone and a cable on it.
When I rooted the phone, and used flashify to flash TWRP it finally worked.
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