New Unfortunately, Airkan Phone has stopped - HTC Sensation

Aug 8, 2013

I am a noob. I downloaded the MIUI rom from the link on this web site. I tried flashing MIUI 3.8.2 on HTC sensation 4g but on the reboot I get "Unfortunately, Airkan Phone has stopped" or "Unfortunately, Xiaomi service framework has stopped" error message and it wont go away. I did the standard steps. Wiped the User , Cache, Dalvik and then installed the ROM. I was coming from CM 10. And I have clockworkmod recovery installed.

I did looking up the message and xdadevelopers someone mentioned to flash a different kernel. I am not sure if that the right solution. Was hoping someone here could help me out.



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Aug 20, 2011
Well maybe its because your device is not supported here. You have Sensation 4G but our MIUI is for GSM version.
Its same as Nexus S and Nexus S 4G. But you can try different kernel. Maybe It will have some common gsm/4g modules.
Kernels can be found over XDA forum in Sensation thread. Just ask there.