Upcoming Android 12 for Mi 10, 10 Pro, 10 Ultra


Sep 29, 2020
It was recently announced that the just provided Android 11 beta is the last Android 11 version and the next one will be Android 12 for Mi 10, 10 Pro and 10 Ultra. It was also communicated that TWRP doesn't work with Android 12 and updates need to be flashed in Fastboot mode.
First question: Is the update from Android 11 to Android 12 still possible with TWRP or do I already have to do it via Fastboot? This is not clear to me when I read "Tip for Android 12 devices: Because TWRP doesn't work with Android 12, the update needs to be flashed in Fastboot mode" as my device is still an Android 11 device before the update.
Second question: Is there a user guide describing the steps do be done for this update? I managed to get TWRP via Fastboot on my device without any problems but I'm not sure for this Android 12 update.
Third question: All personal data, settings, screen configurations etc. will remain?
Last but not least: A big THANK YOU for you/the team for providing every week an updated ROM and your support when something unexpected happened on users side! Keep it up!


Apr 22, 2021
1, - If the downloaded ROM has the name fastboot, it installs in fastboot mode. You cannot install it in TWRP.

2, -use Windows:
-Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC
- Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down + power)
- Connect to PC via USB cable
- Run fastboot installation script from unpacked zip windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat
- wait for the phone to restart the system
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3, - All data is preserved.
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