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Aug 26, 2016
Hey, I'm thinking about change to Xiaomi platform. I still don't know which device, when the best for me is equivalent to Motorola Moto E LTE 2gen - the most important is screen size of ~4,5", but I see that the smallest one from Xiaomi is 5". Update policy on Android pissed me off and I wish to change to more reliable platform, then I heard about Xiaomi. Currently I use Moto E 2gen and its CPU is on Nougat blacklist, them no chances for any update ... when Android One devices with the CPU already got the update.

Before I get my Xiaomi device I wish to ask you some questions about updates:

1. I read a little about MIUI but I'm not sure if I correctly understood - this is completely custom code or just UI on top of vanilla Android?

2. I always use english language of the interface then it is not important for me to get any localized version (except dictionary for keyboard for autocorrection). In such situation if Global will be enough reliable and stable for everyday use?

3. I read that MIUI updates are delievered every week when in other place they wrote that once a month - where is the truth?

4. What is scope of those updates? They covers only MIUI or entire Operating System i.e. will they bring fixes for system and hardware vulnerabilities like Stagefright or Quadroots?

5. How it looks in context of new Android version updates? I.e. if now they have released Android Nougat 7.0 then Xiaomi will deliver update as well or only MIUI changes and base won't and if device was released on Lillipop 5.1 then the device will end up on this version till end of world??

6. ROM prepared by xiaomi.eu are for all devices based on Qualcomm and MediaTek or just for Qualcomm based?

7. Updates/new versions (by Xiaomi and custom like the xiaomi.eu ones) are distributed by OTA or I will have to flash them from scratch and erase everything?

thanks in advance for all answers
Sep 17, 2016
1. It is hardly rewrited android code. Not a new system... but not only a launcher.
2. Even ChinaROMs (not only global) will be enough 4 u, cause China versions of ROMs basically has English
3. Every week for Developer ROMs and once a month for Stable
4. usually for MIUI features, but if Google releases the Android update - xiaomi (try to) include it
5., 6. ROMs by xiaomi.eu is translated China ROMs without bloatware and with preinstalled Google services. So - depends of Chinese developers
7. If you are going to ordinary use your new phone, without root partition changes - you will get OTA updates. (anyway - using mi account for backuping system/user data you can restore your soft in few clicks even after "total clean ROM installation").

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