Updating from v5 to v6?

Apr 9, 2013
Hey guys,

Im using MIUI 4.7.4 multilang downloaded from this website. It's still running android 4.1.1.
I went to check if it was worth installing the new updates for my MI2 again and found not only the regular V5 4.1.1 update but also a, for me new, v6 4.4 for the MI2(s) phones. I downloaded the v6 rom to my phone, loaded the updater app from Xiaomi and selected the rom.

It went into installing and rebooted like normal. However, after that I get to the recovery screen and when i want to reboot it says that partition 2 is the latest used (i normally use partition one). When rebooting partition 2 it goes straight back to recovery.

When rebooting to partition one I get back to MIUI 4.7.4 with android 4.1.1 as if nothing happened.
Any clue as to what I am doing wrong?
Help is much appreciated!


Feb 7, 2011
How do get a copy of the backups that I created? I would like to do a full wipe and flash the beta rom.

Sorry for hijacking!