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Dec 12, 2019
Hello seniorsiThanx for your hard work
i have some suggestions about the dialler app that make it more attractive
Any way i will suggest and you can see what you can do
1-sim1and sim2 pads have green colour why dont you enable me to choose aspecific colour for each sim???
Sony and samsung implement this option into their phones and make it more reliable for their customers
2-when i press a number from log to see it, it gives me 5 seconds downgrade waittime and auto call the number ...why dont you enable me to control this option, enable or disable it as it suitable for evey one requirements?
3-sim 1 and sim 2 in arabic language must be switched as arabic language starts from right in contrary of english language starts from left
4-background of dialler is colourless why dont you add option to choose a colour??
5-dialer app is too tall if you make us to choose short ,midium or tall app will be fabulous option,this gives more reliability to us
Hope you take my notices as urgent issues
Those things are attractive foctors for any phone
Thanx and wait your response for what can be done
Thanx again
Not open for further replies.

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