USB Issue Mi 11 Ultra


Jan 12, 2022
I'm having a weird issue with what I'm assuming is something along the USB port/connection.

Saturday, everything worked perfectly fine. Not an issue at all. Sunday, Turbo Charge no longer works. Monday, device decides to become picky as to what chargers it will work with & won't connect to my laptop & PC.

I've got an original 67w charger that no longer turbo charges. It will work with one of my three Huawei Super Chargers (this makes no sense as to why it won't work with all of them), it rejects a few other chargers it's worked fine with before.

I thought updating the device would hopefully solve the issue. However it will only accept a charge from both my laptop & PC it's previously connected to before.

Prior to resetting I changed absolutely nothing. A reset also hasn't solved it.

I have USB debugging enabled, I've set default USB configuration to "file transfer" (I've also tried every other option), I've tried turning off battery health optimisation. I can't think/find any other setting that could possibly be causing this issue. I've also cleaned out the USB port itself.

I'm not sure what to do at this point in terms of troubleshooting. I'm still within the warranty period however I'm sure they knock back a claim since I've modified the software (gray import).

Any pointers into anything else that I can try & do to?


Jul 11, 2016
Did you check if you don't have dust inside USB port ? Is cable much easier to unplug from port than before, when phone was new ? I'm use needle to remove dust, didn't see it, but there was a lot, now cable feels much harder to unplug :)
Just be careful with the pins, don't touch them, try to clean around socket.