Use Remote Of Mibox Pro 3s 2016 As Mic, Can Use For Any Language

Jun 18, 2016
Hi! I sorry, im not good English.
Hi today i will tutorial everybody how to use Remote of Mibox pro 3s (2GB Ram, 2016 ) as Mic can use Google QuickSearch. I tested in newest version.

1. Rooted
2. Install Google Play Server, Google QuickSearch . And Changed language u want to use. you can choose any language google supported. ( .com/store/apps/details? )

1. Use Root Explorer go to system/app/ remove directory VoiceControl.
2. Reboot.
3. Download APK VoiceControl for Mibox Pro 3S 2016 from fshare .vn/file/JM5NKJQVVIL6 and install
4. After install u are finish.
P/s: don't need set new VoiceControl as System App

Tutorial Use:
1. For call Google Quick Search: short press Home + long press Home.
2. When want use as Mic (dont call Google Quick Search only long press Home).3. Call recent apps double press Home
4. Clear memory in recent apps, long press Back

- droidvn .com/threads/huong-dn-tim-kim-ging-noi-ting-vit-bng-remote-tren-mibox-pro-3s-2016-ban-2gb-ram.42/#post-130

P/s: Because i dont need posts required for post link, so quen you go link please remove space between links.
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Jun 15, 2016
hi, .com/store/apps/details?id=com.xiaomi.voicecontrol
sorry but play store said my device is not compatible, might be there is some permission issue with the app, so people can't search or download it directly from Play Store.
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