Used Mi Max 3/32gb Locked Bootloader, We Dont Have The Last Mi Account Help!


Apr 5, 2016
Hello dear friends, a friend of mine bought a used Mi Max Hydrogen, the phone ask for the last Mi Account was associeted with the device, but nor the last user nor my friend have this Mi Account it says, what can we do?

If i remember correctly you can't flash custom rom without unlocked bootloader, and i dont really want to if there is a way, i prefer to keep it Official!


Feb 5, 2017
A bit late now, but for anybody else dealing with this problem, flash the modified Mi Max Hydrogen GSM Developer rom from Venu Naaga with MI Flash tool in EDL mode. After that, you can install and flash the rom of your choice. This rom will reset the account infomation. You don't even have to boot into this rom, just flash TWRP right after it, boot into TWRP and do what you actually wanted to do. The "Mi Account was associeted with device" problem won't appear anymore.

This works with locked bootloader!!!!
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