Users Request : How comes I have so much free Ram!?!?

OK as the topic states...

I posted a few theme screenshots last week, and a few users asked me *how did i manage to gain so much free ram* (Galaxy Nexus)

My answer is this :

Weekly, i run a app called SD MAID which you can obtain from Google Play. I use this to clear app cache and system cache - gets rid of all the junk that hogs the rom/device. At the same time it free's up ram and keeps the rom optimal and consumes less battery life.

Next i don't have one million apps running in the background on constant refresh.. to many of these is just not needed by anyone. No idea why people have more apps on their device than on the Google Play store..

Also you should clear the gallery thumbs from the MIUI Gallery app.

Next and a very important one...

The default MIUI launcher consumes FAR TO MUCH RAM maybe due to the ton of features and functions withing the default launcher, but imo its not healthy... also i am sure there is a hidden memory leak still present in the launcher...this will be fixed in the MIUI v5 as the launcher has been re-done!

So i replace this with Nova launcher (you can use what you like) but ultimately it consumes less RAM.. and the result is :

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