Using Sandisk 64gb micro SD Miui v5 Galaxy s2 i9100


Aug 19, 2013
Hi. Brand new to Miui, my first custom rom on the S2 and it looks great so far. Question about 64gb micro sd (genuine Sandisk) - are there any known issues using these cards?

After many months without problems I started to experiencing issues with the card (corrupted files, would often show as unmounted but music files would play ok) on the phone with the standard rom. Unrelated I decided to try the Miui rom 3.8.16. The phone worked fine with Miui except it went into a boot loop when I started it with the 64gb card in place (I had used a spare 4gb card for the flashing).

I then formatted the 64gb card in both a HTC phone and also my laptop (exFAT) but kept having the same problem. If placed in S2 for startup Miui would just repeatedly reboot. Finally I installed a Fat32 format program on my laptop to reformat the card in that and now all is well. The phone starts ok and sees the card fine.

One issue remains; previously I could drag-drop many folders to the card when the phone was connected to my laptop via USB and they would all eventually copy over fine. Now it seems very temperamental. Anything more than one folder will create a 'the device has either stopped responding or been disconnected' message and cause the transfer to fail. I wondered if, now that the phone is seeing the card ok in FAT32 format, I should try reformatting it on the phone itself? But I can't find an option for that?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance from this Brit in NZ.