Vacuum Mop 1C turns 45 degreece on start


Jan 16, 2022
My vacuum (mop 1c),without a reason, started to turn right when starting to clean. This is the sequence:
I press start
Vacuum moves back from dock
Turs around 180 degreece as always.
IT should move forward but it turns 45 degreece to the right and then moves in that direction.

On The map it shows that it moves correctly like it never turned 45 degreece right. The result is that on the map there is completely mess.
Sometimes it starts fine and cleans correctly. This happens mostly when cleaning whole house without area cleanup.

I reset vacuum to factory defaults but it did not help. First clean was fine and it created map. Next clean it moves again to the right....

Firmware 4.1.8 1118


Jan 25, 2022
I had the same problem with my 1C. It happend before the 4.1.8 firmware too but very rarely, after 4.1.8 it was totally crazy. I tried the same hard reset and remapping, but the problem was back next day, so in the end I sent it back to where I bought it and asked for a refund. Not sure if it's hardware was faulty or the update killed it.