New Voip With System Apps Not Working

Feb 3, 2016
Hallo Dear Community,

I figure that the internal MIUI VoIP is not working correctly. If I am mistaken and not just not aware of the right way to do it, I would be glad if someone could share his / her experience.

I use MIUI 7 by (6.1.21 | Beta) on a Xiaomi Mi4c.

In the phone app I can configure the "VOIP Settings" under "Call Settings". I also managed to recieve a call to the account I configured. But I can not manage to make any calls to a regular number via VOIP. No matter how I configure the settings in the "VOIP Menue", I am never asked if I want to use VOIP when I call a number also I see no way to selevt VOIP instead of the SIM card to make a call.

Also (as a second problem) once configured for the first time, I cannot make any changes to the VOIP account. I always recieve the error message "protocol cannot be null".

Thanks for any ideas!
Jan 28, 2016
I have no problem doing a VoIP call (Internet Call) with MIUI's dialer app.
Did you choose "Ask for each call" on Call settings > Internet calling > Use internet calling?
Feb 3, 2016
Good to see that it is working on some devices.
Maybe there is a fix for the Mi4C also.

Which phone do you use? Which version of MIUI 7? Do you use a Dual-Sim Phone?
I am using the MI4C and yes, even with "Ask for each call" active, I get no promt, how to make the call.

I have no button for VOIP in the dialer app, the context menue for a number does not show "Make internet call" and wenn I select a numer, the phone just uses GSM all the time. Could you maybe post a screenshot of where you initiate an example VOIP call in the dialer on your phone?

Thanks an regards!
Jan 28, 2016
I'm using the latest weekly MIUI (currently 6.2.25) and my phone (Redmi-2) has dual-SIMs.
For my phone this MIUI is still Android-4.4 based, for your phone it is probably Android-5 or even 6... so even if we have the same MIUI version it may be different.

Initially there is no special button for a VoIP call. Here is how a VoIP call is made:
Select the phonenumber or press the numbers of the phonenumber and then choose 1 of the 2 SIMs to make the call;
If CSipSimple is running in the background, a menu will appear asking if the call should be made by CSipSimple or by the native dialer app. This step will be skipped when CSipSimple is not running in the background;
Before the call is made, a menu will appear that has 3 options: SIM1, SIM2 or Internet Call. Select "Internet Call" to make the call through VoIP.

CSipSimple has not been upgraded for a long time, so maybe if you use Android-5 or 6, step 2 will be skipped even if CSipSimple is running in the background.
Jan 28, 2016
Do you still have this problem?

I do now.
I've just upgraded to MIUI's Android-5 (Lollipop) and just like you I cannot make a VoIP call with the native dialer app. This is when all settings are more or less the same as with the previous ROM (MIUI's Android-4) where VoIP calling works.

Do you have a solution?

I have a work-around, so not really a solution.
I have to add "@siphost" to the phone number I'm going to dial. Then the phone understands that the call is a VoIP call.

So, for example:
My VoIP/SIP provider is "", and I want to dial the number "1234";
Then I have to enter "" or maybe "" to tell the phone to make a VoIP/SIP call.

Hope this helps.
Dec 12, 2015
I have redmi 2 prime with kitkat stable rom and i can not make a voip call using the system native phone app.
CsipSimple works fine but i would like to use the native app.
Does it work for anyone?
Feb 15, 2015
Hi, I have the same issue... the best "fix" i could come with is to save the number in contact but you must save it in field "Internet Call" (you click on Add another field and choose Internet Call)
Then when you dial this number, it will be a SIP Call.
Aug 28, 2016
Same here. Allthough I filled out all specific details of my voip-account I could not get a connection. The phone responded with "Mobile network not available". Which is true, yet a mobile network is not necessary for a SIP-connection as a wifi-network is available and working. My previous phone (Nokia E71) did this without any problem.

My work around:
Installed MobileVOIP app (only works for Voipbuster-equivalents) shows it can work.

29-08-2016 Update:
I might have applied some wrong software om my phone. I plan to correct this and will revert back here.
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