Volte 3uk network

Jun 22, 2018
I wonder iff someone can help i am trying to get volte working on my mi6 which is running the epic mui9 rom. The reason i am posting is because myself and a frind both bought this phone at the same time around 7 months ago but recently in the last month or so he has begun receiving volte calling but i still do not get it. We have identical roms on the phones and our setings are identical as well. The only difference is he lives in Leeds and i live in Milton keynes. Previusly on another phone but on the same network and the same sim card i have now i was able to get volte no problems in low signal areas but now it is not working anywhere. I would be curious to know iff anyone is on the Uk 3 network and is able to get volte on there handset so i could do some troubleshooting thanks.