Vote for the Xiaomi Mi Max 4


Dec 1, 2022
Once upon a time, 8 years ago, I had a huge phone Coolpad 9976A. At that time there were only a few such large phones, and now there are none at all. At this time already for 4 years I using Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and it still works fine. But I would like to have some modern bells and whistles such as better camera, NFC and so on.
Now phones are long and thin like sausages I don't like this. And still they do not reach 7 inches. Mi Max 1 and 2 have best 16:9 screen aspect ratio - try to find any like this among contemporary phones. That's why many Mi Max fans were waiting for Mi Max 4, especially in Russia, but never did. A new forum on this topic even was opened, but then they stopped waiting and closed.
There is no hope that someone will hear us, but still, no one bothers us to vote.
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Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
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Oct 6, 2016
So it's not an actual official poll, it's some social media pressure nonsense. I invite you back to reality, this is a waste of time.
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