New VPN Problem MIUI V4.0 2.10.19

Oct 31, 2012
VPN Problem with MIUI V4.0 2.10.19

Hello everybody,
I have the following problem. I know it has been discussed many times before, but none of the offered solutions seem to work for me. Maybe any of the specialist has a bright new idea...
I cannot log on to the company intranet via VPN/Cisco (IPSEC2) anymore. It used to work with a different ROM before. I am using the HTC Sensation XE.

Before: It used to work. I was running MIUI 4 ASOP Version 2.6.29 by stickman89 with a Tamcore-Kernel. I used the VPNC Widget to log on.

Now: I am running Version 2.10.19 from this site. Because I wasn't able to log on I changed the Kernel to Bricked and used the Tun.Ko installer to load the tun module. Still didn't work. Since this ROM now is Sense based I thought this could be the issue. That is why I tried the ported JB ROM Version 2.10.19 which I believe is ASOP/CM based. That didn't work either. I am running out of ideas. Any Help?