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    Hi everyone,

    We all know that our MIUI Android phones can sometimes get stuck in a bootloop for some weird reason - it's happened to me various times over the last 6 months.
    For me, it's usually after installing some App or Widget that isn't meant for the phone (the last one for me was when I tried to install some TouchWiz 4.0 widgets meant for the SGSII). The next time you reboot your phone ... BAM! A bootloop.

    I've taken a couple of simple steps and it now takes me only about 15 minutes to get out of a bootloop and get everything back to how it was. Hopefully, if you do the same it'll be just as easy for you. If you change your Apps and settings regularly, you should do this maybe once a week (I do).

    Step 1: Copy (or move) the latest downloaded MIUI Rom to your external SD Card.
    Step 2: Copy your latest MIUI Backup (of system files and applications) to your external SD Card by copying the MIUI/Backup folder.

    Then, when you're next in a bootloop, do the following:

    1. Start the phone with Power/Home/Volume Up.
    2. The moment the Cyanogen logo flashes off the screen (it loads once, flashes off, then reappears), let go of the buttons.
    3. The phone should now launch CWM recovery.
    4. Wipe data/factory reset.
    5. Install zip from sd card - select "choose zip from internal sd card"
    6. Select the last MIUI Rom file from your external SD Card and install it.
    7. After it's installed, reboot the phone.
    8. Wait for MIUI to load completely - it takes a while the first time.
    9. Sync your Google account.
    10. Copy the Backup folder from your external SD Card to the MIUI Folder.
    11. Restore everything from the last backup EXCEPT contacts.

    You should now be back to where you were before the problem began.
    This works for me, I hope it helps you out.

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