Want To Check My Mi4 Is Fake Or Not

Feb 21, 2015
Dear all,

I tried to update to MIUI 6 but failed.
After I've read some articles, I think this can be a kind of fake device but can't be sure.

I checked device verification, it was ok
- When I checked IMEI/Serial Number verification, it's OK (they shows right city of purchase and right date).
- When I checked 20 digit code verification, it's OK

But still
- I can't find menu on the updater application
- I can't enter fastboot mode with Volume Down + Power key (instead pressing Volume Up + Power key with USB cable is attached, I can enter menu screen with very small text which I can select Recovery mode, Fastboot mode and Normal mode. But when I select Fastboot mode, it doesn't work).
- When I enter to Recovery mode, select "apply update from sdcard" and select ROM zip file then "invalid ota package missing scatter" error happens.

I wonder whether this is Fake Device or not. Also wonder these problems are happened because this is TD-LTE model. (I think there're TD version of ROM file for MI3).

I received this device from my friend live in Guangzhou, China and think he bought this on TaoBao.

Anybody have any idea?
Thanks in advance.