WCDMA Hongmi / MIUI 3.11.15 - countless problems...

Nov 28, 2013
I got my WCDMA Hongmi yesterday. Multilanguage, GPlay was installed ootb & working. Although my overall first impression is good, there are several annoying bugs:

* I renamed both SIM Cards to "Work / Private", but the status bar is still showing "Vodafone / O2".

* I wish there was no name of SIM Cards showing up in the status bar at all, but there is no option to turn it off - why? No smartphone ever before had that, what is it good for?

* after reboot all settings are gone (ringtones etc), SIM Card #2 is turned off and has to be activated manually after every reboot

* after changing language (german to english or other) all settings are gone (ringtones etc)

* Notification LED: I can choose colors for different actions, but choosing cyan, white, green makes the settings crash. Red, blue and yellow work fine when chosen. BUT the thing is: There never is any notification at all! There is the "Manage notifications" settings, but whatever I try, the notification LED won`t blink on missed calls, SMS or Whatsapp. Only when battery is low.

* when receiving messages or whatsapp, the status sometimes shows a symbol notification, sometimes not. Can`t figure out when or when not. Along with the LED problem, this ends up in not being informed about incoming messages, except when you hear the ringtone --> this is really unacceptable, right?

* The "Storage settings" mystery: - Default write disk: "Your phone will reboot" and "If you select the Touch to view usage and settings., the applications that installed on YOUR phone will reboot. can`t be used and the device will reboot, are you sure to change the Touch to view usage and settings.?" - What the f*** is that supposed to mean? I don`t get it, and I can`t set any default write disk.

* when language is german, photo editor crashes on some options, in english language all is working fine

Now, do you have any ideas or work arounds for these problems? I`d really like the notification LED and status bar to be fixed.
I tried to download the stable 1 , but it seems impossible, because my internet connection is really really slow (max 43 K/s). Any ideas? [edit: Own idea is, torrents work for me, even on bigger files...so if there was a torrent for stable 1, I might be able to get it]
If not I`ll have to sell my brandnew Hongmi and stick with my No.1 S6 (which has some annoying bugs too)
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