Web Browsing Issue (site specific)

Oct 8, 2012
Moto Photon 4G, MIUI ICS build number, 2.5.25.

This is a weird problem, but for some reason, NFL.com's mobile site will not work on my phone. The page loads, and I can scroll and even the active news section scrolls through the different articles. However, when I try to "click" on something (Fantasy, for example) nothing happens. No errors, literally nothing happens. I've not had this problem with any other web site, and I've not spoken to anyone who has this issue on their phone either. Also, I tried Dolphin Browser, same result...only difference is, if I long-press and 'Open in New Tab' it will load the desired page, but still...desired buttons will not work, unless opened in another new tab.

Not sure, could this be a problem with the ROM itself?