Weird behavior on 9.9.26 - MIUI11 K20 PRO


Jul 27, 2019
I clean flashed this ROM about a week ago. All is working well but I encounter a somewhat strange issue.
From time to time another icon for Chrome appears in the apps list. I never enabled dual apps and the device gets all buggy when this app appears. I need to uninstall it manually and then reboot and all is working well for a few days.
I can't use the second strange Chrome app and once it showed a message as if the app was from another user. It displayed something along the lines of "do you want to Uninstall the app coming from user SpaceX? "
I cannot provide screendhots nor can I show you the error message since it seems to be happening randomly and can't replicate the bug.
Also, when this happens, the Poco Launcher loses the app closing animation when I hit home. It goes back to the usual animation but when I hit back, the miui specific animation is still present.
I've never encountered such an issue before. What could this be?
I'm using the last version (v3) of 9.9.26.


Oct 3, 2019
I have Mi 9T and saw this Chrome icon (dual app) after updating from v2 to v3 (I didn't have Chrome installed, that's weird...).
Removed it but never came back for me.

Looks like a dual app installation test from devs but not removed from code??? :D