What Is Your Tempered Glass Screen Protector??

Jan 20, 2015
Well, i decide create this thread to know what is the brand you all are using to protect your screen, because, i use to bought NILLKIN but, the protection for Mi6 doesnt protect all the screen...

At this moment i'm using this, and i bought it from OCTILUS Spain Warehouse (link inside for English Language), and it covers all the front screen.

Nov 17, 2017
Bought from this seller [...]
Is this glass 'full glue'? Did you notice any problems with the proximity sensor? I bought a similar glass (5d, full cover, full glue) but ist covers the proximity sensor. Although the area over/around the sensor is transparent, the glass prevents the sensor from working. As a result, the phone always shows a warning ('don't cover the orange area') when waking up and the display does not switch on when I take the phone away from the ear during a call. I also tried a second (same) glass that showed the same problem.

This behavior does not occure with my old glass (2.5d, only glue at the black border), as is has a real cutout for the sensor except vor only a transparent area. But I like to get a (working) 'full glue' glass.

Thank you for your answer!