New What On Earth Has Happened - No Network + Battery At 0%

Aug 10, 2016
I have a Xiaomi Note Pro and have been using the weekly ROMS from this site for over 6 months now. All has been well. Then, last week, suddenly I had not network - it cannot detect any. Thi swas not after a ROM upgrade but just out of the blue.

Tried the other SIM slot - same

Read up on things like reflashing MIUI7 ROM first before flashing to MIUI8 - apperantly there is an issue where MIUI* flash screws the modem. No joy - either after 7 or 8 in this process.

Saw that you can get a NON-HLOS.bin file with just teh modem firmware, extracted from the 7 zipand flash that spearately with fastboot. I actually had success with than and got networks. Until I rebooted and then - no networks again. Repeating this process multiple times and - nothing.

So upgrading to TWRP 3.0 and reflashed - same problem.

Tried installing chinese roms from MIUI - that then started things behaving even stranger.

Now as well as no network, my battery shows constanntly zero. It has power, but it's not showing it.

What on earth is up with this? Is it a hardware fault somewhere or, does teh process of wiping everying (except internal storage) and then flashing a ROM, leave something unchanged that I don't know about?

Any ideas anyone?