What the hell?

Jul 2, 2011
While browsing MIUI's official site I saw this:

Noticed the app section in between the toggles and the notifications? And the three shortcuts instead of the brightness slider?

Have I missed something, are they silently announcing something or is just this just photoshopped?
Sep 19, 2011
There was a post where they talked about this week's release being minor updates, and next week's would introduce some more significant new features.

Can't wait!
Jun 24, 2011
Would be damn cool if this would be like a quicklaunch bar. So I can get rid of the folder I always have in the bottom bar for my most used apps.
Nov 13, 2010
Sorry to dash your hopes, but that was added to the ROM when the new (now current) UI was introduced, when they first switched to Gingerbread. People didn't like it, and they took it out. It wasn't an app drawer or anything. You know the recent apps list that comes up when you hold the home button? That's all that section was - a recent apps list. You could view your recent apps and kill them. When that was still part of the ROM, holding home would bring the notification bar down, open to that section. You can tell it's an old picture because the toggles are blue, not orange.

So, yeah. It's not a future feature. It's actually a past feature that was taken out a long time ago. If you can track down a GB MIUI ROM from March or April, you can see it in action, along with the bottom bar of toggles.