What's Wrong With This Mi Unlock Here

Jan 7, 2016
So i frequently go into the official english miui forum and visit the "unlock the bootloader" thread to see what's going on, and try to help others that may not as luck as me to unlocked my device easily without any big deals. The confirmation came in time and i can immediately unlocked my phone and installed EU rom.

But the thing is, there are many fellas that may face big deals with this thing, such as 50% error, or can't sign in, don't get the confirmation yet til now. So whats wrong?

Are these problems caused by Xiaomi itself that has crappy services, system, or whatever like the people in en.miui.com say, or is these caused by the people that don't follow the proper instructions.

Was i lucky, or was i follow the instructions properly so it was really easy to unlocked it?