When will Mi4 64gb available?


Jun 29, 2011
Are you getting one, wajk?
Thnx! Not sure, but my Mi2 is almost two years old, and screen is dying.
I thinking about screen replacement, but I don't know yet what I will do.

I like my Mi2, performance/size perfect for me and Camera is awesome,
I can't find better choice, yet.
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Dec 17, 2013
what a pity that xiaomi doesn't wante to include microSD slot

accessoires iphone 6 galaxy s6
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Mar 1, 2013
what a pity that xiaomi doesn't wante to include microSD slot
That among other things like their decision to abandon exchangeable batteries on their flagships is the reason why I've distanced myself from Xiaomi again, even though I love them and really enjoyed my 2 year long stay with my MI2.

I love the look of the new MI4 but it's not enough to get me back in the boat.

Right now the only way I could get all I need on an Xiaomi device would be by going with one of the Redmi line phones, which sees close to zero attention concerning updates from Xiaomi... so that ain't an option either.
Jan 16, 2013
Indeed, the lack of the MicroSD slot is a shame. I don't know what motivated xiaomi to move away from that. The Mi1 had it.

At some point, I got passed that and bought a Mi2 then a Mi2S. I enjoyed mostly my experience with it. But I have to say, I felt very restricted for the past 6 months or so because of the small app storage.

I needed an update and waited for the Mi4 but the lack (for now) of FDD LTE support was just too much.

I just bought a Galaxy S5. In China, recent bad sales numbers of Samsung have taken their toll of the Korean's flagships.

Samsung Galaxy S4 : 1500 RMB (similar to the Mi3)
Samsung Galaxy S5 : 2900 RMB (2000/2500 RMB for the Mi4)

I have a MiBox and a MiPad, if I needed a TV, I would have bought the MiTV. Moving away from MIUI will be my deepest regret but I feel like the pros outweigh the cons.
Oct 30, 2013

agree to above. The MicroSD card slot was a very good point. Luckily the Mipad still has it.
Also being able to exchange the battery on older models (Mi2A/S , Hongmi ) was a lifesaver occasionally.
Looking forward to get an black 64GB Mi4 even so it's missing the a m mentioned items
Aug 21, 2013
I've really enjoyed my mi3 so far, the battery life has been excellent and could easily get 3 days of light usage or about a day and a half of heavy usage, by the time the battery is getting bad you would want a new phone anyway, for example we had a iPhone 3g with sealed battery, it came out in 2008 so its 6 years old the battery life is bad but still use able, what phone would you wanna keep 5-6 years anyway. also I've owned a few phones with sealed batteries that were more then 2 years old and were previously used, battery life was good, so it will more then last the usefulness of the phone.

if you need space you can get a 64gb version, the mi3 is very cheap now about 275 USD, you can't buy any snapdragon 800 phone for that, I don't regret buying my mi3, plus with miui v6 round the corner it just gets better. And if you want to shell out the extra cash the mi4 is a nice phone too.
Mar 1, 2013
@mephistozap About your statement that you would change phones before the battery dies anyway and such...

The initial reason I had to ditch my MI2 and replace it was storage size.

I would have kept that phone for pretty much ever if it weren't for that, and I plan to keep my new current one for a very long time before replacing it as well.

I'm not the person to change things a lot if it isn't required, I tend to set things up the way I like it and then just stay there for a long time.